Ahegao, or "the O-Face" describes a facial expression during sex with crossed eyes and hanging tongue, to show exaggerated joy or ecstasy. Dating back to 90s magazines to depict orgasm, it is now common in erotic manga and anime.

The term Ahegao dates back to the early 90s, where it was used in pornographic magazines to describe the facial expression of an intense female orgasm.

In the early 2000s, hentai fetishes gained popularity in the real-life sex industry and western markets. By that time, ahegao was already highly popular and for a short time even spread as meme challenge through social media.

An ahegao face is described by three simple traits:

  1. Crossed eyes. Straight or rolled up eyes do not count
  2. The mouth must be open with the tongue sticking out
  3. Not required, but often bodily fluids like saliva or cum are present

Here are some free to watch cam girls specifically having Ahegao in their repertoire

Recommended example videos featuring Ahegao

As you know by now, Ahegao is getting quite some steam now – especially in the Hentai and Cosplay scene.

Below we hand-picked some recommended video on demand that pretty much cover all of this to give you perfect examples and some entry points. Enjoy!

Ahri and Fox Girl vs Huge Dildo

We recommend this piece for multiple reasons:

  • It’s Purple Bitch and Sia Siberia, nothing more to add 😉
  • While there’s not an overdose of Ahegao (check the second one), you’ll also get:
  • Anal play and quite heavy penetrations
  • Full package of big tits, tattoos, piercings
  • Cosplay
  • On top of it all these darn hot over-knee socks

My Little Pony Rides Big Dildo

Another big toy, another deep penetration – and this time Sia Siberia pretty much just for you giving you a taste of the meaning of Ahegao.

As that’s a generational trend you’ll get the additional, shaved dose of cosplay and firm girl with big tits which is quite common for this kink.

Absolutely nothing to complain about.

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