Electrophilia is a fetish for receiving electrical shocks to sensitive body parts, usually involving electrostimulation. Read on for details and safety tips

People with electrophilia, known as electrophiles, enjoy fantasizing about or receiving electrical shocks to sensitive bits of their body

This especially includes their genital region, anus, and nipples.

Electrophilia falls under the cock and ball torture kink category, because the most common form of this play is when a submissive’s genitals are shocked.

Still, women enjoy erotic electro play as well by for example attaching the electrical current to their nipples or vagina, as well as using wands.

This kind of play is fairly common among the BDSM community and can be used in a variety of different situations.

Most electrostimulation toys have varying settings from gentle tingling sensations all the way up to heavy, painful shocks.

Is Electrophilia Dangerous?

There are the obvious dangers of electrophilia, including a risk of burns, paralysis, and even accidental electrocution.

Avoid electro play if you have a pacemaker, a heart condition, a seizure disorder or if you are pregnant.

There are great and not-too-dry explanations about the dangers of electric current flowing to a human body, totally worth checking out.

Electrostimulation Safety Tips

  • You should never use home made equipment for electrostimulation.
  • Do not buy a device from a sketchy retailer, always go for reputable distributors.
  • Make sure the equipment you’re using is working properly. Check the cords to make sure they aren’t damaged.
  • If the toy has batteries, check them for corrosion. Corrosion can damage your device, and can happen if the batteries have been in it without being used for longer time.
  • As with all BDSM related practices, agree on a safe word.

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