Snowballing means a person gets someones semen in their mouth and then passes it on to the mouth of another. Also called cum swapping where it usually means to or more women share the cum of a man. According to many studies, it's not as unsafe as it was thought, as a tiny cut in the mouth can already spread a sexually-transmitted disease.

Snowballing – also called snow dropping or cum swapping, is the act in which a person gets someones semen in their mouth and then passes it on to the mouth of another.

When referred to as cum swapping, it usually means two or more women share the cum of one or more men.

The term was originally used by gay and bisexual men and is now popular through porn.

In a 2004 survey at New York LGBT community it was found that around 20% of participants engaged in snowballing at least once.

Why is it Called Snowballing?

When a participant returns the semen to another participant’s mouth, it is usually mixed with additional saliva.

During continuous exchange, this will cause its volume to increase.

Just like a ball of snow will grow when you keep rolling it in snow.

Quite poetic.

Is it Safe to Exchange Cum?

Though it was previously considered safe, evidence is mounting that it’s actually not.

Any contact between genitalia, bodily fluids and blood can potentially spread a sexually-transmitted disease like herpes, syphilis, or HIV.

Even the tiniest cut in someone’s mouth, can allow semen that comes into it to easily enter the bloodstream, resulting in an infection.

For example it’s important not to engage in snowballing with untrusted partners just after you floss or brush your teeth, as this can lead to minor bleeding or tiny cuts.

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