Urolagnia is the term for sexual arousal related to urination. Urolagnia includes both thoughts and acts, and may involve watching someone pee, peeing on someone, or being peed upon. It can also involve the drinking of urine. It is commonly referred to as "Golden Shower".

Urolagnia is a sub-paraphilia of Water Sports, which itself is not limited to urine, but also can include other bodily fluids like blood or salvia.

Is it Normal to Like Urolagnia?

Short answer: Yes, it is actually even quite common.

In a 2010 survey by Jennifer Rehor of San Francisco State University, 37% of participants reported having done it or having had it done to them.

A Channel 4’s 2017 nationwide “Great British Sex Survey“, Water Sports was ranked ninth in popularity among sexual fetishes in the UK.

Involuntary urination during sexual intercourse is common as well, but rarely acknowledged.

In one survey, 24% of women reported involuntary urination during sexual intercourse.

Which famous people liked water sports?

According to the numbers above, very likely many.

Notable cases are (source: Wikipedia):

  • Chuck Berry: American musician who was urinating on a woman in a sex tape, videotaped dozens of women in the restroom of a restaurant he owned.
  • Havelock Ellis: British sexologist who was impotent until he discovered at the age of sixty that he was aroused by the sight of a woman urinating.
  • Albert Fish: an American serial killer. He wrote letters to widows and described in detail women urinating on him, inside of him, and in cups so that he could drink it.
  • Ashley MacIsaac: Fiddler and singer. According to interviews, he loves to have men urinate on him and his boyfriend has a taste for Urolagnia.
  • Ricky Martin: a Puerto Rican singer. He gave an interview in which he stated that he enjoyed “giving the golden shower.”
  • Patrice O’Neal: American stand-up comedian who had on several occasions mentioned his appreciation for golden showers.
  • Annie Sprinkle: an American porn actress. Her stage name is derived from her obsession with fluids.
  • Troughman: an Australian underground celebrity known for lying down in urinal troughs at Sydney Mardi Gras parties and other events.
  • Ian Watkins: the former lead singer for the band Lostprophets. Convicted in December 2013 of numerous child sex abuse charges, which include Urolagnia.

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